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EVA tool case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

EVA pencil case

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  • Domestic professional EVA pencil case,EVA  electronic  case,EVA tool case,EVA glasses case,EVA carry case,Neoprene sleeve/laptop,Neoprene tote bag and Neoprene sporting products

  • According to the modern population and targeted industry aesthetic requirements, to create a marketing force and advocacy of the box style

  • Rebound and high tensile strength, with good shock and cushioning properties Drop or pressure can protect the contents of the box intact

  • Closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, waterproof performance is good

  • Welcome OEM customization, and equipped with design team, according to customer requirements to provide design


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